The Juke & Pepps 'How you doing'

The Juke & Pepps 'How you doing'

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This Track was co-written by / The Juke & Peppster Pepper,

writing an eclectic & upbeat mix of dance records together, and this will be the first of many to follow.

When these two artists work together, they bounce ideas together which are then thrown into the ring with an unknown destination of where they’ll end up.

Punching with the heavy weights including Fatboy Slim, Dizzee Rascal, and Iggy Pop, their contribution to the music scene is becoming apparent, with a collection of records due for release over the next 10 weeks, these two artists will have you wanting for more of what they have been mixing up in the studio.

You can download & buy this track for £1.00, a third of the price you would pay for a cup of coffee.

All proceeds will go to recording more records and printing for vinyl.

Thank you

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